Battle Champions


by Jack Carson (the pen name for Michelle Misra and Matt Whyman)

Published by Simon and Schuster

When Tommy ‘Titch’ Darwin enrols at Marshall Johnson’s Battle Academy, training is tough, but Titch is determined to
become a battle champion and follow in his father’s footsteps. As battle lessons commence, Titch and his fellow students are unaware that baddie Wyatt Thorne is watching. He has two grudges – against Marshall Johnson and Titch. Can Titch save the Academy from Wyatt and make the grade? Or will he fail at his first attempt to become a mech fighter on the
championship trail?

Canyon Clash

Titch and his Battle Champion team
mates, Martha and Finn, have graduated from the Mech Academy and are finally on the Championship Trail! The friends must overcome their rookie nerves to battle one of the most deadly mechs of all – Scorpion.

Terminal Takedown

It’s the final leg of the Championship Trail and Titch Darwin and his trusty crew are ready to fight it out to become the ultimate Battle Champions. But the gang find more in Ocean Terminal than competitors…

Academy Attack

Titch Darwin has always dreamed of
being a Battle Champion and piloting
robots to fight like gladiators. His dreams become a reality when he enrols at the world-famous Mech Academy…

Swampland Slam

Titch and his Battle Champion Crew are on the Championship Trail again. This time the fight takes them to deadly Swamplands, and the team must work together to fight some of their fiercest opponents yet.