Dinosaur Land


by M.J.Misra

Published by Egmont

When Max finds a magic fossil, little does he know that it will transport him to a magical land where dinosaurs still exist. There he meets Fern and her dad, who help sick and injured dinosaurs, and together they have many adventures.

Illustrated throughout with black and white line drawings by Artful Doodles.

Lost in the Wild

Max is back in Dinosaur Land to visit his friends where an injured dinosaur is lost in the wild, in terrible danger. Can Max’s quick thinking save the day?

Double Trouble

Max can’t wait to go back to Dinosaur Land but when his wish comes true, he finds not one but two dinosaur
problems to solve. Can he help his new friends?

The Magic Fossil

Max would do anything to meet a real, live dinosaur. So when an ancient fossil whisks him away to an incredible land full of them, he can’t believe his luck!

Sky High!

A little pterodactyl has forgotten how to fly… and there’s a predator on the loose. Can Max help the pterodactyl join his flock before danger strikes?

The Great Escape

When Max arrives in Dinosaur Land, there’s a mystery to solve. A stegosaurus keeps running away. Can Max find him and work out how to make him stay put?