Hello Kitty


Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books

Everyone’s favourite world-famous fashion icon, HELLO KITTY is, for the first time, starring in her very own fiction series, written by Michelle Misra and Linda Chapman, and published by Harper Collins Children’s Books. Collect the secret words in each book and then click HERE to play the Harper Collins Hello Kitty website…

Come join Hello Kitty and her friends in a brand new series all about fun and friendship!
In the first title in the series, THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB, Hello Kitty starts at a new school and wants to make sure she and her friends all have fun, all the time! But when everyone is so different, how can they ever have fun – together?

Each book in the series is a collectible adventure with a fun lesson about how to be a great friend.

The TV Star

The Friendship Club is very excited – Fifi is going to be on TV? But Fifi’s worried about messing up. So worried, maybe she can’t go on at all… Can Hello Kitty make Fifi a TV star?

The Christmas present

It’s Christmas time for Hello Kitty and the Friendship Club! Join them as they save their school’s Christmas and learn the true meaning of friendship at this special time of year.

The Big Race

On the last day of school before the
holidays, there’s going to be a big race! Hello Kitty is excited to cheer for her friends, but can she keep cheering when disaster strikes?

The Beach Holiday

The Friendship Club is going on a beach holiday! They’ll have lots of fun together. But Tammy’s brother Timmy loves to play tricks. Will his mischief get in the way of it being the best holiday ever?

The Wedding Day

When Hello Kitty and Mimmy are asked to be bridesmaids, they can’t wait for the Wedding Day! But when disaster strikes, can the Friendship Club step in and save the big day?

The Pop Princess

Hello Kitty is dreaming of being a Pop Princess! She wants to learn a
Friendship Club dance for her favourite band’s concert, but her friends are too busy!
Will she tell them how much it means to her?

Summer Fair

Hello Kitty and her friends are helping out at the summer fair! They all like
different things and have different ideas. Can they work together to make sure it’s the best day ever?

The Friendship Club

When Hello Kitty starts at a new school, she’s super-excited!
There are lots of clubs to join but Hello Kitty and her friends decide to form their own – The Friendship Club! But can the friends agree on the rules?

The Talent Show

Hello Kitty’s school is holding a talent show and the Friendship Club are all
excited to show off what they’re good at. But Tammy’s not sure what her talent could be… Can her friends help her
figure it out?

The Treasure Hunt

When Dear Daniel comes home, Hello Kitty decides to welcome him back with a treasure hunt for all her friends! There is a lot to do, and not much time.
Can she do it all on her own?

School Trip

Hello Kitty and her friends are going to the adventure park on a school trip! But Fifi isn’t as excited as everyone else. Will she tell her friends what she’s scared of before it’s too late?