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I wrote these books when I was in my twenties, and they are still going strong, having survived many reprints and three cover changes. There are 9 books in the Sandy Lane Stables series, published by Usborne - 7 that were written by me under my maiden name Michelle Bates. The other 2 were written by Susannah Leigh.

"The Sandy Lane Stables series has managed to survive several reprints, and has not been out of print since it came out in the mid 1990s. It is a classic pony book series, centred round a Riding Stables, and the adventures of the group of children who ride there. It's free of the fantasy elements which infest so many pony books in the 21st century, and despite its latest set of covers, features neither pink nor sparkles. The series is unusual in being openly written by two different authors.  

Michelle Bates was in her twenties when she started writing the series, having had a passion for horses as a child.  She has since worked as an editor."  Jane Badger at JANE BADGER BOOKS

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