Angel Wings


by Michelle Misra

Published by Simon and Schuster

Introducing Ella Brown. Ella might seem like your everyday girl, but she’s anything but! She’s a trainee angel at the
Guardian Angel Academy. But Ella is more impetuous than your average angel, and can’t help getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Luckily for Ella, help is on hand in the shape of her friends Poppy, Tilly and Jess – who try their best to keep her out of mischief, and away from their dreaded classmate Primrose!


Birthday Surprise
When Ella’s best friend, Jess, is feeling homesick, Ella wants to do something to cheer her up. Along with the other angels, she plans a magical birthday surprise. But when things don’t go quite to plan, Ella finds herself in another sticky situation…

New Friends
Ella is a trainee angel and it’s her first day at the Guardian Angel Academy. But she’s far from angelic and can’t help getting into all sorts of trouble!

Secrets and Sapphires
When an injured hare is brought to the Guardian Angel Academy, all of the angels want to care for it. But some of them are more interested in earning halo points in exchange. Will Ella really stand back and watch Primrose take all the credit?

Rainbows and Halos
Every angel at school is looking forward to sports day. But when the school’s water supply is blocked, it looks as though it won’t go ahead. Can Ella find a way to save sports day and earn her sapphire halo?