Wild Friends


by Michelle Misra and Linda Chapman

Published by Random House

Emily has always loved animals which is just as well because her parents’ work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) takes Emily all around the world. Wherever she goes she makes new friends and has animal adventures. Tigers, pandas, snow leopards and polar bears – Emily helps them all.

Packed with photographs and interesting facts as well as an exciting story in each book, WILD FRIENDS is perfectly suited to animal-loving readers of 6-8 years who are just starting on chapter books. Not only that, but proceeds from the books go to support the charity WWF.

Dolphin Splashdown
Emily is exploring the Mexican coast and meets a new wild friend – baby dolphin Coral! But danger is just around the corner. Can Emily save Coral in time?

Tiger Tricks
Emily is in India and delighted when runaway tiger cub, Bala, turns up! But the local people are less happy to see her. Can Emily help Bala find her mother, before she’s forced to fend for herself in the wild?

Panda Playtime
When Emily travels to the Chinese jungle, she meets an adorable baby panda cub. Can she help protect his home and family and find the other pandas in time to save the reserve?

Orang-utan Adventure
Emily’s dad has been setting up a new project to help protect the orang-utans in Borneo. When Emily goes to visit she finds herself a brand new wild friend – baby orang-utan Koyah.

Snow Leopard
Emily is with her dad in Mongolia, helping to set up a new project to help endangered snow leopards. But not everyone is as pleased that the leopards are around. Can Emily show the villagers that there’s a way to live peacefully alongside them?

Elephants Never Forget
When Emily’s parents plan a trip to Africa, she’s determined to find her very first wild friend – baby elephant Kihari. Is the saying “an elephant never forgets” really true? Will Kihari remember Emily too?

Polar Bear Wish
Emily’s off to the Arctic Circle! With the polar bears’ home melting fast, the frozen north is becoming a difficult place to raise the young – and a tiny polar bear cub, lost on the sea ice, needs Emily’s help to find its mother again…